Paths Untaken

Part of it was the unpredictability of the dirt trails. While some were simply old paths that weren't it much use anymore, others were clearly just forged out of foot and tire traffic, narrow passages of barren earth cutting through grassy prairies, up steep slippery inclines, and sometimes running beneath trash-laden bridges. More often than not, there was no clear indicator as to where one trail ended and another began, the way splitting into multi-prong forks or disappearing all together without warning, only to begin anew some thirty yards away. 



by Diego Green   Ever since the move, since the complete upheaval of her life, Valerie had encountered the same dream with increasing frequency. Always, in the dream, she would find herself lying face-up in bed, eyes wide-open staring at the black ceiling. It was then that the twinges of distinct and biting pain would … Continue reading Three-Toed


Like jackals, the fleshy ghouls bowed red-faced over the corpses scattered across the stone church steps. From afar, I watched as the sergeant and Reyes approached the bobbing feeders unnoticed, machetes drawn. Though pressed against a brick wall a half block away, a charge of heated terror passed down through body and limb as the … Continue reading Marcus



It was something of a bad omen, that flattened skull-crushed squirrel lying in a ring of its own erupted innards. Ella smelled the stench of rot the moment she stepped down from the front porch. Must've fallen off a shaky branch from the towering heights of the aged tree, splattering against the dry cracked ground. … Continue reading Flightless


Bone Den

“What you think it is?” asked Evan.  He stepped in closer to the mouth of the downward sloping tunnel before him, straining to look within. After several feet, it seemed as though the passage dropped sharply down, disappearing into dark earth. “Think it’s maybe like a tomb or something.” said Joe, standing far back from … Continue reading Bone Den


From the Bottom Up

This morning, for the first time in perhaps eight months, if not longer, I went for a run. It felt good to have the wind on my face, sun on my arms, and fire in my chest - for all of ten minutes until my breathing gave out and my legs began to cramp. I … Continue reading From the Bottom Up


The Ravages of Forward Temporal Movement

Total cliche - after being a twenty-something for a full decade, the millennial panics at the prospect of turning thirty, entering adulthood unequivocally. This is me today. Happy Birthday. Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic. Maybe it's different for other people, maybe it's the same. I still sometimes see myself as a nineteen-year-old kid discovering … Continue reading The Ravages of Forward Temporal Movement