We’ve come to this point
where every little insignificant thing must be

Every single moment weighed
priced and speculated upon
for how much engagement it could be worth

Don’t take down time
don’t stop growing your side game
always post during peak traffic

Find your niche
in the digital landscape
optimize those terms

Create a continuous stream of consumable content

Someday you too shall be prosperous
You’re just not trying hard enough

If you’re not racking up that ad revenue
If you’re not enhancing that brand awareness
If you’re not putting every piece of your life, sanity, and soul up for bid

How dare you call yourself an artist

One Reply to “Share”

  1. I read someone’s blog post yesterday that was basically about frantically trying to monetize everything– not so much to add something good to the world as to add $$$. Your poem is spot on.

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