Who is this? – Diego Green, fiction writer and aspiring author.

​I am a writer of fiction, first and foremost. When I was in high school, I had a creative writing teacher who went around the room, telling each of us students what category our writing styles best fit into. I was pegged as a horror writer. I shrugged it off, said it was a phase. It has been many years since then and the phase is still going strong.

Always, though, do I strive for literary fiction even if it happens to fall into a genre. Aside from the aforementioned horror (I have been working on my zombie apocalypse opus for over a decade now), I also enjoy writing space operas and stories built around character rather than plot.

Sometimes I write poetry though it’s not very good.

Aside from all the word stuff, I love trains. Love watching them, love riding them. I think for me, at least part of it is the romance of the journey – someday I would love to travel the U.S. and the world by train.

And if I fail to cut it in the world of literature (and even if I make it, really), I would eagerly turn to a career on the rails. Seriously, don’t question my love for trains.

Cats are fine too.


How can I reach him? diego.green3@gmail.com

I try to check this email on a regular basis and will reply to any and all queries received as soon as humanly possible. 


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