My First 5K or, How I Contracted the Running Bug

For a long time, I had this idea that someday, on some undetermined future date, that I would run a marathon. It was the kind of empty promise I would often make to myself.


There was no question that the mauve-tinted star that appeared in the sky close to Venus was odd, but what did it signify? There was much alarmist debate. But when the object doubled in size a month later, it was plain that the end was nigh.


Through the fog, the clattering of hooves upon cobblestone shattered her brief sensation of safety. Deeper into the graveled easement she pushed, dread incarnate pounding close, the dull beat of death march snares. Behind her head, a gaunt voice whispered wordless.

Last Call

The three blocks to his apartment felt like more of a journey than they should have been. Even taking the shortcut through the alley, Antonio couldn't shake the feeling that some immortal god had rearranged reality to spite him. Had he taken a wrong turn? Had he blacked out? No! He wasn't some lightweight teenager anymore. But something wasn't right. He should have been on his street by now. Drunk or not, he knew his way around the neighborhood.


His aim was pure. All that he wanted was to make movies. The help wanted ad was for a student film. There was no pay offered but instead experience for the inexperienced, a chance to view the innards of the process. Innards were all that were ever found of him.