From the Bottom Up

This morning, for the first time in perhaps eight months, if not longer, I went for a run. It felt good to have the wind on my face, sun on my arms, and fire in my chest - for all of ten minutes until my breathing gave out and my legs began to cramp. I … Continue reading From the Bottom Up


The Ravages of Forward Temporal Movement

Total cliche - after being a twenty-something for a full decade, the millennial panics at the prospect of turning thirty, entering adulthood unequivocally. This is me today. Happy Birthday. Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic. Maybe it's different for other people, maybe it's the same. I still sometimes see myself as a nineteen-year-old kid discovering … Continue reading The Ravages of Forward Temporal Movement


For the past three years, I have lived as an adult. That is, without leaning financially on my parents or anyone else, working a full-time job, and inhabiting a domicile run independently by myself and my wife (though owned by someone else). And for three years, I have placed my writing career on hold.